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Pierre Herme’s Galette Ispahan

inverse puff pastry, rose flavoured frangipane, lychees and raspberries (from ph10)


As with all pastry dough, keep the puff pastry cold at all times. If it becomes finicky when rolling, pop it in the chiller for 10 minutes or so to allow the fats to solidify. Also, chilling the dough before piping and cutting allows the gluten to relax which reduces shrinkage when baking.   

The frangipane should be relatively cold i.e. not oozing when piping. If it is too warm, it will spread and affect the seal of the galette. My sealant of choice is plain water; it is less fussy and more reliable than egg wash.

Use the sharpest knife you can get your hands on to cut puff pastry. If the knife is blunt, you risk crushing the layers you’ve created. Sad puff pastry is short puff pastry.

The next time I make this, I’ll definitely use more raspberries; the tartness of the raspberries tempers the sweetness of the lychee and the aroma of the rose syrup 

  • 5 November 2012
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